In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer. I was obviously concerned and was uncertain as to what route to take. Shortly after that I was introduced to Don Tolman. After a time, I began to follow his advice and did not adhere to the doctor’s. In fact, they said I would die. They were wrong. I not only survived Stage 3 cancer, I have been thriving due to Don’s counsel. But, as with life, things happen so you can imagine how shocked and upset I was when in August of 2016 I found a new lump under my arm! It was the size of a quarter.

I immediately got in contact with Don. His reaction was one I had become accustomed to, but it still surprised me because I was in a bit of a frenzy. Without so much as a hiccup and in a very nonchalant way, he gave me a number of strategies. Underneath I was apprehensive and a little scared, but he had not steered me wrong previously, so I listened and immediately implemented the following tactics: drain the lump with frequent lymphatic massage, eat a plant based diet with lots of asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and garlic, to walk at least a half an hour a day, and drink lots of water. Within 2 weeks – THE LUMP WAS GONE!!!

Don Tolman is the real deal! He knows what he knows, and it is truth! If there is anything I can say it is this, listen to his wisdom, let it resonate in your soul, and live to tell the story. This is not just my first or second personal testimonial about what Don has taught me, it is my third! He is a bearer of truth in regards to what will and will not assist the human body in healing. I will forever be grateful for his continued support in my life.


Don, the knowledge within you is phenomenal. The way you share it with others is pure kindness from the heart. Thank-you!

Brenda Kirk

Don, your BootCamp4Brains program is worth every cent. The experience and knowledge gained was absolutely priceless.


Sharyn Norris-Jackson

Don, thank you for sharing the truth and for being a wholefood revolutionary!

Melba Waugh

Don, I will never forget your message and will continue to educate myself. Thank you for all that you are.

Janelle Connolly

Don’s BootCamp4Brains weekend has to be experienced to be believed.

Elizabeth Howard

I am so grateful to have lived in a time when you were able to share this wisdom with me. Thank you Don.

Carey Guy

BootCamp4Brains was a great experience. I have so much now that I can apply to my life. It opened my eyes and has left me inspired.

Imogen Kerrnish

Every now and then a person comes along who changes the planet for the better so profoundly that life as we know it is never the same again….

Kristina Mills

Wow what an inspirational weekend BootCamp4Brains was. Don, we are truly blessed to be in your presence.

Kay Kelly

2 days with you was such an incredible way to learn more about our ‘healthcare’ system and ourselves.

Chris Harper

Thank you Don! You have given me the answers I’ve been searching for.

Maria Byworth

Don, you’ve come at a great time – not only for me, but for the whole world. Your warmth and light is a huge inspiration!

Beau Lester

What Don Tolman teaches is simple wisdom but it is ESSENTIAL knowledge.

Suzanne Fassoulas

What a wonderful way to experience wholesome living and health. Thanks Don!

Vicki Anderson

Don Tolman is the most inspiring soul in our time today. It is an absolute MUST for you to experience Don’s message and wisdom.

Ruby Reys

Don, thanks for a mind blowing event and for all the ancient knowledge you’ve given us access to.

Jan Hart

Oh my gosh! I had no idea the Farmacist Desk Reference would be like this. It is an absolute masterpiece and is beyond anything I could ever have…

Paula Embleton

Don, you are an incredible man. I learned so much from your insight and simply loved the way you taught us. Thank you!

Clara Loveny (age 14)

Thank you Don from the depths of my being for your sharing your journey and for increasing my knowledge

Karen Ledwidge

Don, Thank you for your wisdom, courage and passion. The world’s going to become a better place because of it.

Amanda Reynolds

Don, thank you for sharing the truth with us. This truth is in us all, so we honor you for helping us to rediscover what Self-Care!

Sandy Bartul

It is wonderful to soak up Don’s wisdom and knowledge. BootCamp4Brains was an incredible experience.

Thank you.

Sarah Stephens

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Don, a great gift!

Petra Feitscherova

Don, I’m thankful to have been able to experience such an amazing weekend.

Katie Saunders

Don, you are a man of god, a true healer who shows the way when it comes to health and a love of life. Thankyou.

Susan Treloar

Experience Don’s wisdom and take charge of your life.

Joey Wai

What amazing insights into the power of wholefoods.

Ante Kelic

Thank you Don from the depths of my being for your sharing your journey and for increasing my knowledge.

Karen Ledwidge

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I feel honored to have experienced your BootCamp4Brains weekend. I could spend days listening to you.

Cynthia Aslin

Let mother earth heal you. Thank you for giving us the courage to take back control of our health.

Flora Chiu

Hi Don,

I was at one of your talks in Dallas about 7 years ago. You demonstrated the Brain Bowl and you offered this bowl for sale. My wife and I bought it. I know that you had many pages of information that you gave with the purchase of a bowl. I do not have it. I have Mitchell Gaynor’s book Sounds of Healing but I know that my bowl’s frequency is not like other bowls and that is why I would like to know more.

I will always remember what I learned from you at that meeting about water and the brain. I must share this testimony. A young man I worked with had been seeing a Doctor for migraines. One day he told me about his condition and I began to tell him about how the body needs water and that the brain had priority over the water supply as I was talking he got up and went over to the cooler, got a cup of water and began to drink. About two weeks later I saw him again. As soon as he saw me he told me that he had continued his water drinking and his migraines had stopped. He also told me that he was furious with his Doctor!! He said to his Doctor “Why did you not tell me something so simple as drinking water would stop my migraines?! Of course we know why, He did not know!! And that my friend is very sad.

David Hunt

Grace & Peace

“Don Tolman is the smartest person I ever met in this world and I personally know many Medical Doctors some of which are Harvard Medical Doctor Graduates. In my Opinion no one even comes close to Don Tolman’s Ancient Wisdom of Knowledge. If you ever have an opportunity to attend a seminar by Don Tolman run to that seminar, or buy any of his books or home study courses, because your life will change forever. Your mind will never think the same again. Don teaches you the secret techniques that the brightest minds in ancient history used like Einstein, Newton & Pythagoras. If you offered me a Free 4 year scholarship to Harvard Medical School or the chance to be taught for only one year by Don Tolman and I had to pay for that one year, I would choose to be taught by Don Tolman.”

Robert Reuter, BS