White Stone Carillon Section of FDR (Digital Download)




All of sound is frequencies of Light.

Pure Quartz Crystal Carillons of Ancient Egypt and amongst the Inca were used to heal the Mental, Emotional, Physical and even Social illnesses of individuals and groups of people.

This is Vibrational Medicine at it’s ‘Highest Levels’.

All electrical and electronic technologies and equipment run on quartz crystal.

This book is an absolute ‘eye opener’ into the history and the physics of Crystal healing using the voice in harmony with the coherent triangulated sine waves of the Crystal bowl.

You can become a ‘sound vibrational healer with this information at your fingers.

Don also got Mitsubishi Corporation with General electric and Quartz Scientific companies to help him recreate the original ‘Measures’ of the Carillons of the 13th Dynasty of Egypt. A perfect replication. Even the floating crystal egg or eidolon is captured inside the carillon.

No one else has ever done this. Dons carillons are used at Cornell Medical and New York Strang Cancer Clinic as well as by other doctors and Healers world wide.

You’ll thrill to the physics and history of this healing instrument.

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