Theta Poster Set – All 10




There is no better way to experience the power of Theta Graphs than by purchasing the complete set of 10 posters.

This kit contains: Brainfood, Dreamweaver, Icons, Labyrinth Illusions, Meditation, Photographic Mind, Virtual Reality, Develope your 20/20 third eye sight, Rainbows and Window to the Mind.

All of these posters work on different areas of your consciousness to help you grow spiritually and mentally. Some provide stimulation to make your brain grow, others help you to unlock the power of your dreams, others allow you to develop incredible powers of memory.

Purchase the complete set and you also get them for the best possible price of $210.00 for the lot.

Prepare yourself for one of the most awesome thrills of your life with the incredible Theta Graphs—now available in one complete kit

Please Note: In this video Don speaks about all 10 Theta Posters.

When purchasing this product you will receive

10 x Theta Poster’s . . . the complete set.

Watch Don Tolman and learn about the Theta Wave of the brain.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 6 in


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