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Beautiful Sound Quiet Mallet for Your Crystal Singing Bowl

Especially for large crystal singing bowls, a rubber mallet is needed in order to maintain the required friction to make a crystal singing bowl play beautifully.

This rubber mallet is long lasting and creates a smooth connection to the frosted outside of your bowl so the rubbing is quiet and the song of the bowl is heard loud and clear.

This wand is very durable and does not wear out compared to suede mallets used for the same purpose.

This durable singing bowl replacement mallet can be used with any singing bowl!

  • Makes playing any type of crystal singing bowl easy
  • White to go with any bowl! Makes a smooth and quiet contact on frosted crystal enhancing the qualities of the beautiful ring from the bowl
  • Sturdy ergonomic wood handle with durable quality rubber ball.
  • Works beautifully on all sizes of crystal singing bowls, yet is preferred for playing large crystal bowls (13 inches in diameter and larger)
  • Use to run around the rim of the bowl or frosted outside to make the bowl sing or use as a striker or gong to play it like a bell. Quality product, excellent value!


An excellent choice at an excellent value!

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 4 in


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