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Cowboy Don’s Colon Hydro Cleansing, also known as a colonic, is a process where water is introduced into the colon through the rectum and then removed. This Hydro Cleansing procedure removes dangerous toxins from the body, gives the colon some much-needed exercise, and provides a range of other benefits to the body as a whole.

The main benefit of colonic Hydro Cleansing is that it cleanses the colon. Colonics remove the toxins that can build up over time, contributing to overall better health. Cleaning the colon can also help reshape the colon if it has been stretched out and distorted from impacted material. This can also reduce any pressure that may have been placed on neighboring organs.
A lot of people experience weight loss after Hydro Cleansing. This is because physical material is removed from the body. Also, the elimination process is streamlined and made more efficient, allowing fecal matter to pass through the system quickly. In other words you don’t have to feel tired or “pooped” nor do you have to feel like “crap”.
If parasites are present in the colon, Hydro Cleansing will remove them. My ‘Cast out your Demons recipe’ can be used as part of the Hydro Cleansing solution, and the water solution injected into the colon helps to flush out the parasites, that want out after being exposed to the ‘Cast out your Demons’ mix of herbs and plants.
A Hydro Cleansing physically flushes out toxins from the colon. Also, because the water is absorbed by the body, it dilutes toxins found elsewhere and flushes them out through the skin, kidneys, bladder and bowels.
Many have experienced the fact that Hydro Cleansing can increase mental clarity and slow down the degenerative processes of aging. The procedure itself can also create a sense of well-being in most people.

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