So What’s the Big Stink Section of FDR (Digital Download)





Most people in ‘Modern Developed Countries’ are GERM-APHOBES! Anti-bacterial Freaks… anti-bacterial wipes, sprays, vaporizers, shampoo’s, conditioners, skin creams, TOXIC CHEMICAL ANTIBACTERIAL laundry soaps, hand cleansers, scrupulously cleaned and brushed anti-bacterial body wash, bleached teeth, house cleaning chemicals galore… completely sanitary environments, anti-perspirants and on and on… yet they walk around in bodies that are mobile cesspools of internal filth, scary and even dangerous bundles of parasites and from 5-70 pounds of fecal matter stuck in the intestines that can be as much as 20-30 years old. (…and by the way, just so you know, no known antibiotics or antibacterials kill the bacteria, studies show they cluster then mutate into stronger microbes and this process weakens your own immune system).

The leading cause of all dis-eases or discomforts in the body comes of the intestinal tract functioning at less than full functional capacity.
It’s all about intestinal hygiene. You can add years to your life and life to your years by getting and staying clean internally. when the sewage system backs up you poison the entire house/body. This ebook So whats the big stink… is going to shock you into reality… for some it will be a great confirmation of what they already know and do, for others it will be a complete ‘WAKE-UP CALL” as to where Health and Energy really come from and how to keep it.
Learn how to support your bodies excretory system and excretory glands so as to stay disease free and long lived.

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