Septa Lavender 7




Septa Lavender 7
Lavender oil for thousands of years has been the most widely used and versatile healing oil. It is effective, easy to use and is the only essential oil that can be 100 percent safely applied undiluted to the skin. Lavender oil is really a treat for the skin because it prevents scaring, especially stretch marks, and promotes health and healing. Lavender is a great sanitizer and is used in eye lotions, mouthwash and skin tonics. From restful sleep to emotional stability, arthritis, rheumatism and headache relief, you’ll love your septa lavender Mother Nature’s Sacred Oils.
Anecdotal Evidence: Head clearing, respiratory, nervine, relaxant, digestive, skin health, sedative, analgesic, decongestive.
Septa Lavender 7 – 5ml (Certified Organic Lavender Oil)


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