Pulse 30-Day Challenge


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Take The Pulse Challenge to change your habits and life forever. The challenge is designed with perfect balance in mind, to help you get to your ideal weight and detoxify your body, while simultaneously assisting the clearing of blockages hindering nutrient absorption. Prepare to feel lighter, healthier, and look much more vital.
This one convenient combo-pack includes everything you need to meet the 30-Day Challenge! It includes the Mass X-Odus Colon Cleanse  and 30 Packages of Don’s Living Pulse Food. You start with 1 day of Mass X-Odus Colon Cleanse, and then you have 30 bags of Pulse (9 Bags of Original & 3 Bags of each flavor) to feed your body and thrive for one full month. (We are unable to trade flavors for the Tropical)

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