Protect Yourself – Self Protection 2 DVD Set




You really want to feel safe and secure? So why does it take so long to train? Or Does it….?

Most of us sabotage our own abilities without realizing it. Even if you are already suspect you are already strong and tough, how do you protect yourself? In this DVD you will discover a wealth of tools, skills and techniques that will take you from self sabotage to self protection.

Glen Levy, the man National Geographic call “The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet” will use the same techniques that have enabled him to achieve physical feats (previously thought virtually impossible without camera tricks) to teach you how to free yourself of he mental and physical limitations that are holding you back from protecting yourself.

Glen’s skills have been tested and proven by NASA space scientists and biophysicists from Wayne State University in America, earning him international recognition as one of the world’s foremost martial arts masters and teachers.

Glen has been featured in 4 National Geographic documentaries testing the world’s top martial artists. Despite his physical prowess, he believes true success starts with the mind, He is living proof of the power of manifesting success.

In this DVD you will discover:

  • How to use your opponents strength and momentum against them.
  • How to take control of your body’s natural defense system, using Pressure Points for pain (to hurt or heal). Pain, whether emotional or physical, really can be ‘only in your mind’.
  • Gain insights into the weakest body parts (not where you might think).
  • Find out the secrets of not blocking and the science of striking.
  • The legality of fighting and self defense.
  • The Physical Techniques of Love, which harness the power of love and acceptance to invalidate negative physical influences. If you use the wrong mental language you’ll only attract what you don’t want. Find out the right language and watch your abilities Flourish.
  • How to move naturally and instinctual to develop massive physical power no matter what your size.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in


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