Poverty Sucks Section of FDR (Digital Download)




Mental, physical, emotional, social and/or financial poverty can strip the joy of life from people and from the people around you.

This eBook brings to you the Simple Truth and the ‘baby steps’ to recovery and Highest Performance in every area of your life.

Success comes of the ‘Consistent Performance and Execution of the ‘Critical Behaviors’ that act as a power Lever that lifts you into accomplished fulfillment.

No Coaches, no Guru’s, no 20-50,000 get rich quick packages and retreats… all thats ‘B.S’. and Horse Biscuits!

Simple, True, and Real. Here’s to your Self-Created SUCCESS!!!

We can not offer refunds on eBooks as once you have downloaded the purchase we can not reverse it. All sales are final. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


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