Pack #4 – Golfer’s Personal Care


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All 3 whole food flavors of Tooth Fairy for the cleanest teeth ever and NO toxic chemicals that require WARNING labels. You’ll also get ‘Divine Skin Cream’… An Awesome, “Better Beauty Body Butter” that creates healthy skin and develops a beautiful TAN… even on the skin of Redheads!! You will also get 6 of our wonderful Lip Silk to feed and nourish the lips. Avoid toxic sunscreens and feed your skin healthfully for a nature made protective high Vitamin D producing SunTan!!

Pack #4 includes:

1 x Tooth Fairy (WinterMint)

1 x Tooth Fairy (CinnaClove)

1 x Tooth Fairy (CreamSycle)

1 x Divine (Skin Cream)

6 x Lip Silk (Lip Balm)


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