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Welcome to the world of Neuro-Cyber-Optics.

This eBook will tell you how the brain responds to 3-D Theta Posters, how to view a 3-D Theta Poster very easily and just how the entire phenomenon got started. Now you can develop the mystical, magical, marvelous wonders of third sight and dream power. Anciently, this was called third sight, because it was created by an inner third eye. Today third sight and dream power are collectively called Neuro-Cyber-Optic viewing.

It is the visual cortex of the brain that actually “sees,” and when this inner process is coupled by using area 39 of the brain (a small, postage-stamp sized area behind the right eye) known as Creata Magus, or the center of creativity, the imagination can literally digitize depth cues in the random do patterns and “imagine” what to see – and them see it! This seeing process can be used to induce and strengthen different levels of conscious and dream states.

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