Hit Life With Your Best SHOT – Shot Glass




“Hit Life With Your Best SHOT”

It’s for all Millennial Wellthy Healthyionaires
Learn to Tap the Mother Load!
Aurum Nostrum nonest Vulgi: “Our Gold is not the Common Gold”
When health is everything, and you’re ready to “Stand Your Ground”, and even “Stand Tall and Roar” if necessary, then it’s time to “Cock Yer Hammer n’ Saddle Up n’ Ride” and “Hit Life With Your Best SHOT”!!!
This ain’t for bendin’ elbows with the boy’s or girls at the pub while on another ‘bender’…this “SHOT” is the best there is. This “SHOT” has yer back in preventing, restoring and even maintaining energy and health at the highest Summit on the Mountain of Life.
So stop beating the devil around the stump when it comes to any kind of discomforts in yer heart, mind or body. Don’t just sit there hanging fire, git yer wiggle on…make yer move, nothin’ else out there can hold a condle to this reminder to “Hit Life With Your Best SHOT”!
This is no bluff, it’s the best hand you can play, it’s an “Ace in the Hole”, people will see you as a thoroughbred, cause yer not “Horse n’ Around”.
Get ready…aim…Fire! It’s the best shot you’ll ever take. Help yer family and friends do the same. When they see it, they’ll shout, “Oh, that’s rich”! And now you can help others to “Shoot or Get Off the Pot”.
“Joule of Thor” with pure 24k healing Gold shouldn’t be aimed and shot in any other way. You’ll smile all the way to the wellthiest, healthiest bank of life. Don’t be stumped or feel like a shave tail. Never listen to the scuttlebutts nor skedaddle or shin away. Again, learn to “Stand Yer Ground” as you “Hit Life With Your Best SHOT”.
This shot glass will become your friend, something you can ride the river with, and that’s a Cowboy Promise right there. It’s not even a heap of trouble to git it, just point and SHOOT!!

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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