Farmacist Desk Reference Vol 3




Volume 3
This is a simplified version of the internationally acclaimed Farmacist Desk Reference 1 & 2. For those who simply want to understand their body’s 7 systems, physiologies and the harmful side of medicine. Displays full images of the body and shows the wholefoods that assist the area.

The FDR 3 is the perfect companion to Don Tolman’s original, internationally acclaimed Farmacist Desk Reference I & II

For those who want to simply cut-to-the-chase of understanding their body’s 7 systems, physiologies and the harmful side of medicine, this is a must read.

The FDR 3 picks up where the Farmacist Desk Reference left off and features over 200 full-colour pages on breakthrough tips and topics such as “Words of Wisdom for Health & Healing” about “Wholefood Medicines” and “MediSins and PharmaceutiKills”.

Flip it over and you will find “MediSINs and phARMaceutiKILLs”.  This section gives you the knowledge and insight of the 13 most dangerous medicines and activities you can get involved with with your Doctor.

This book is by no means a substitute for the 1,600 page compendium that is Don’s original FDR 1 & 2.  The FDR3 is simply the perfect, easily-digestible, ‘shake you up’ version that will heighten your awareness and give you a broad understanding of what Self Care is all about.

The FDR 3 is essentially two small books in one.  The first is all about wholefood medicine, followed by an introduction to the 7 Body Systems and the foods that target and support those systems.  It provides many ancient epicures and nuggets of wisdom to help you heal, repair and flourish. A book that you, your family, loved one’s and friends will refer to time and time again

Did you know . . . there are now officially over 10,000 human diseases… 95 years ago there were 7. What if… 98% of these can be prevented and even healed by embracing 7 basic principles of health?

Here are some of the most popular diseases. Find the one or ones you have been told you have and then Google which of the 7 Body Systems it affects. Then go to that systems wholefood page in this book and eat only those foods raw and preferably in their season. Lose the fear and watch your symptoms remiss within 5-7 days or 3-5 months; depending on your bodies overwhelm and toxicity.

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