Farmacist Desk Reference Vol 3 (Digital Download)




MediSins And pHARMaceutakills: Welcome to The multi-trillion dollar annual MalTREATMENT Industry that gets paid for creating a Global Landscape of Human Devastation, Abominable Atrocities and even Death…

What if ..98% of everything you have been taught and believe about doctors, medicine , hospitals and the misnamed industry of government backed “health care” is wrong?!

What if… investigative published studies are true??

That over 2,000,000 ignorant/innocent “sheeple” in the Unites States alone are “killed “ through iotrogenic (doctor induced) death every year?

What if… the United States medical industry irreversibly harms and kills more babies every year than any other country in the world?

What if…9 out of 10 doctors office visits are made by people with no organic disease and simply have a functional disorder caused by themselves through their own indiscrections because of weakness or ignorance and the disorder would clear itself in 5-7 days by itself?

What if…the 1 out of 10 who actually has an organic disease… Has it 99% of the time because of the destructive residues of medical drugs precribed or suggested as an over the counter treatment by their doctor for the simply functional disorder they went to the doctor in the first place?

What if… in counts of law there is no such thing as medical or pharmaceutical science (knowledge)?

What if… legally it’s defined as sciology (pre-tense of knowledge)?

What if… thats why doctors legally have a “practice” so that if they “Hurt” you or kill a loved one there is little to no legal recourse?

What if… gnosis means knowledge and ‘diagnosis’ means “split and unknown, a guess”… “therefore sign here and we will “practice on you.”

THIS BOOK WILL GIVE YOU THE KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE 13 MOST DANGEROUS DRUGS AND WHY FEAR AND GUILT ARE THE TOOLS USED BY DOCTORS TO GET YOU TO DO WHAT THEY SAY. HEALTH HURTS A DOCTORS $$WALLET$$$. “come on in let us ‘test’ you.” All tests can have as high as a 98% ‘false positive result’… meaning, their findings are wrong… This book will shake you up and wake you up… and if you can’t handle the truth then go back to sleep… All of the content is a presentation of their own published studies that y0our doctor will not tell you nor talk about. ENJOY.

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