Farmacist Desk Reference Complete Set Vol 1, 2 & 3


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Volume 1 & 2
By using plant-based wholefoods as preventative and remissive medicine, the FDR will teach you the secrets to fighting and winning the war on illness and disease. This two volume, 1,600 page compendium contains all of the secrets you need to apply preventative medicine and self-care to deal with many common disorders.

Volume 3
There are now officially over 10,000 human diseases… 95 years ago there were 7. What if… 98% of these can be prevented and even healed by embracing 7 basic principles of health? Here’s some of the most popular diseases. Find the one or ones you have been told you have and then Google which of the 7 Body Systems it affects. Then go to that systems wholefood page in this book and eat only those foods raw and preferably in their season. Lose the fear and watch your symptoms remiss within 5-7 days or 3-5 months; depending on your bodies overwhelm and toxicity.


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