Disease – The Mystery Solved Section of FDR (Digital Download)




A Healthy nation means a bankrupt Healthcare system.

Pharmaceutical companies hate and despise the idea of ‘cure’ or even health. Their financial future is based on illness and symptoms. They have created madeup 17th century latin names for diseases.

One disease can have over 100 different names and over 10,000 different drug names marketed as ‘weapons of war’ in the ‘fight against disease’.

What if there is only one disease, called for centuries, “chaos at the atomic level”?

Their are only two causes of disease or atomic chaos:



And each of these lead to obstruction that clogs tubes.

T-O=V. Tubes minus obstruction equals Vitality or health.

It’s so simple, inexpensive, logical and reasonable that it scares the entire “sickness treatments multi-trillion dollar annual global industry.

Learn about it yourself get Disease the mystery solved today!!!

Save your money, save your health save your life.

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