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Whole Food medicinal values:

For centuries healers in hundreds of global communities used clove oil for medicinal, homeopathic and culinary benefits. The countless health benefits of this oil can be attributed to what chemists today call: antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant and analgesic properties.

Clove oil is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus hydrochloric acid, and dozens more. It’s also a good source of vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C.

Here is a brief description of the health benefits of clove oil:

  • Generally clove oil is used in do it yourself dental care because of its germicidal properties. It effectively relieves pain when used for some common dental problems such as toothache, mouth ulcers and sore gums. Even mouth and throat cancers.
  • It effectively treats bad breath and the oil is a common constituent in toothpastes (see our CinnaClove Tooth Fairy) and mouth washes.
  • The antiseptic properties of clove oil works well for some common harmless problems such as cuts, burns, wounds, bruises, scabies, fungal infections, athlete‚Äôs foot etc. Typically use the oil in diluted form (we have have our Courier Express Oil for this) for these problems and avoid using it on sensitive skin.
  • Clove oil has anti inflammatory and cooling properties. It clears nasal passage and treats various respiratory problems such as cold, cough, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis.
  • This oil purifies our blood and increases metabolism by increasing blood circulation and reducing body temperature.
  • Both clove oil and clove boost our immune system because of their antiviral properties and the ability to purify blood. It increases our resistance to diseases.
  • It is reported that clove oil controls blood glucose levels and benefits diabetics.
  • Clove oil works well for problems related to indigestion such as motion, indigestion and flatulence.
  • The oil has analgesic properties and effectively relieves body pains.
  • Clove oil mixed with salt and applied on the forehead gives relief from headache.
  • The oil applied on the eye sty effectively treats the condition.
  • Clove oil is used to ease earaches. Mix clove oil and sesame oil, just warm it and use for earaches.
  • Clove and clove oil is used in food items due to its characteristic flavor and other health benefits. It is a common spice used in India for preparation of pickles, dishes, spice cakes, sauce etc.

Cosmetic Benefits of Clove Oil

  • Clove oil is often recommended for skin care, especially to treat acne.
  • The oil is used as a common constituent in many cosmetic soaps, lotions, creams and perfumes because of its antiseptic, aroma and soothing properties.

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