Air, Fire, Earth & Water Section of FDR (Digital Download)




An ancient phrase carved in stone translates: THE SECRET TO LONG LIFE, AFEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT.

AFEW is an acronym that came of the ancient Alchemy in the search for ‘Turning the Lead of Death into the Gold of Long Life’.

A is for Air, F is for Fire(light), E is for Earth and W is for water, A.F.E.W.

In these pages of presentation of the Alchemy of Life, you’ll discover and affirm the brilliant forgotten wisdom of the long lived disease free cultures of your ancestors and the need to bring it all back.

Healers and their records have been murdered and burned on an on going basis for thousands of years by the ‘poison makers’ today called the, pharmakea or pharmaceutical industry.

This is knowledge and wisdom tested in the human experience over time and distance with the same results… this is what was known as truth.

You’ll love what you’ll learn here.



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