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Vaccine Impact

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Chemical-laced vaccine advocates are completely ignorant or they clearly want to bring harm to children and to pregnant women…


It's clear an in your face Truest Truth that the vaccine industry really does want to harm and destroy children. If vaccine advocates didn't want to harm children, they would call for the immediate removal of mercury, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals from all vaccines. In fact the vaccine industry is dark and evil and wrong and has never protected anybody form anything. IT’S A TOTAL MULTI-BILLION ANNUAL SCAM.


If they wanted, they could advocate "clean vaccines" which contain no toxic chemicals. But they consciously choose not to do this. They really do want the toxic chemicals to be injected into pregnant women and children, and that's exactly why they demand blind vaccine obedience from the masses. No questions allowed. No rational thinking tolerated. No skepticism of vaccines is "politically correct."


In fact, the CDC openly admits that mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum, antibiotics and dozen’s of other toxic chemicals are still used in vaccines.


Ancient societies knew the answer to seasonal changes and how to house clean and protect and even inhibit bacterial, virus, toxic overwhelm. The answer is House Cleaning. Spring time house cleaning was done with BERRIES!!! The latin word for Berry is the botanical genus  or family group name called: vaccinium. Big Pharma played on this brilliant ancient wisdom of protecting and inhibiting and clearing discomforts and diseases with berries/vaccinium and made it into a medical product marketing term they called vaccines. PLEASE READ WHAT MY FRIEND MIKE ADAMS, KNOWN AS THE HEALTH RANGER OF TEXAS HAS PUT TOGETHER IN THIS LINK:


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